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December Featured Product

December Product of the Month! Neocutis Neo Firm!


The best compliment you can give is a online review and or referral of a friend. Each will earn you a raffle ticket for the product of the month! Reviews can be left on google, FB and or realself. 

Did you know the skin on our neck is different than the skin on our face? It actually has 15 times FEWER oil glands in comparison to the face. NeoFirm was specifically formulated for this delicate area!

Neocutis Neo Firm exfoliates, brightens, moisturizes, and stimulates elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid!

Only ONE winner will be selected for the month of December. You’re eligible for the month you left your review and or the month your referral had their appointment (remind them to name drop)!

Drawing will be held the first week in January! 

20% off skincare products!

20% off of ALL IN STOCK skincare products! PLUS each product purchased earns you a raffle ticket… For a combo dermaplaning + chemical peel treatment!*

This deal is happening ALL DECEMBER LONG!

ONE winner will be selected in January. Must be redeemed by 2/15/2020! See restrictions below!

Get good skin this holiday season! Give the gift of good skin!

Remember!!! Skincare takes:
QUALITY products

Nothing happens overnight and without consistency, optimal results will take much longer to be achieved, once achieved maintenance is needed to maintain desired results!

Skincare is an INVESTMENT, NOT an expense!

The winner must be deemed an appropriate candidate by Tristah, NP to receive the treatment. The patient cannot have any medical problems or contraindications to the treatment. The treatment will be performed by Tristah, NP. The treatment cannot be transferred or banked. The treatment may not be exchanged for any other service or price. Must be used in one office visit. Expires 2/15/2020.

Schedule your complimentary consultation online!

Private Party


Host you own PRIVATE Botox/ Dysport party!

If you are interested in hosting a bachelorette party, birthday party, pre wedding party, girls night or an event for another occasion I would be happy to discuss the details further with you.

It is best to catch wrinkles at the prevention or maintenance stage and why not share the benefits with your friends!

The purpose of this treatment is to reduce the movement of the muscles causing expression (dynamic) lines. When dynamic lines are repeatedly created during expressive movement, they eventually will turn into “static lines”. Static lines are lines that are present even when you are not making facial expressions. Routinely receiving Botox / Dysport treatments can prevent the development of “static lines” or reduce the appearance if static lines are currently present.

When it gets to the restoration stage (presence of static lines), depending on the severity of them, likely there will need to be additional (potentially more invasive) services and treatments and or you may not be able to get the affected area wrinkle free!

The best wrinkle is the one you never get!

$100 deposit required

E Gift Cards Available

Unsure what to get for that someone special? Why not shop local?

Give the gift of beautiful skin with a Renew Medical Aesthetics E Gift Card! Gift cards are valid for 1 year after purchase. 

Can I redeem a Gift Card or E-Gift Card for cash? Gift Card/E-Gift Cards are treated as a merchandise credit and can only be used towards the purchase of products or services at Renew Medical Aesthetics.

Providing a Valid E-Mail Address:
Renew Medical Aesthetics is not responsible for e-gift cards that are undeliverable or not received due to your failure to enter an accurate e-mail address. 

E-Gift Card Replacement
Lost, stolen or damaged cards replaced only with valid proof of purchase to extent of remaining card balance. If an e-gift card CODE IS NON-FUNCTIONAL, YOUR SOLE REMEDY, AND THE SOLE LIABILITY OF RENEW MEDICAL AESTHETICS, SHALL BE THE REPLACEMENT OF SUCH E-GIFT CARD.


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