Clean Zyme Face Cleanser & Skin Zyme Face Mask



WHY IS IT COMPELLING? • Proteolytic enzymes selectively resurface dead and damaged skin cells • Provides additional resurfacing without irritation to sensitive skin • Great for use post-procedure and on flaking / peeling skin • Can be used regularly for smoother, more refined skin • Paraben-free


KEY INGREDIENTS: • Proteolytic Enzymes – Papain from Green Unripened Papaya


USAGE: Apply Skin Zyme in a thin even layer over entire face (and neck, if desired) and allow to remain for up to 20 minutes. To remove Skin Zyme, apply a small amount of Clean Zyme to face and massage very gently to achieve emulsification. Remove with a washcloth and splash face 10 to 15 times with lukewarm water. Blot dry and follow with usual Skin Care Management products and/or moisturizer.



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