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Journal Sentinel Article

Grateful for the article written prior to my open house (8/2019). This article provides some insight on how I started on my nursing journey all the way up to where I am now.  

“My theme throughout my nursing career has been to help people and make them feel good,” she said. “I’ve seen how this can build people’s confidence and I think if you feel good on the outside, you naturally feel good on the inside.”

YouTube video with Hannah Stone

I had so much fun with Hannah Stone, if you don’t know she is the girlfriend of Tristan Jass, 1.4 million IG followers and counting. She has her very own Youtube channel so please check HER out!

This is a video of her first visit with me where we had a consultation, I gave product and service recommendations and completed a dermaplaning service. 

Background story of how we met: My husband, Officer Kelly  (along with other officers) and Tristan Jass played basketball together… their video had millions and millions of views! Such a small world and they are local so it was only a matter of time before we connected. What a sweet girl. SO happy to have met her and excited to see what comes next! Please show her YouTube channel some love and subscribe. 

Dysport Process YouTube

Frankie is so cute… 

FUN FACT: A LOT of people mispronounce Dysport. 

Pronounciation: [Dis-Port] NOT [Die- sport]

Dysport takes 2 full weeks to reach its fullest potential, even if you are at day 10, 14 full days are needed to see final results. 

2 week appointments are always recommended to compare before and take after photos, to assess results and to plan for your next visit. 

On average Dysport can last up to 3-4 months. 

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