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Facial Filler treatment

Price per area, per treatment $750-$800 +

Mini Lips will be $450 per treatment. 

Filler with MEMBERSHIP can save you $45-$80

Areas treated/ average number of syringes needed

  • Cheeks (2-4+)
  • Jawline (4+ syringes)
  • Chin (2-4)
  • Smile Lines (1-3)
  • Marionette lines (1-3)
  • Perioral lines/ lip lines (1-3)
  • Lips (1-3)
  • Hands (2-4)

Under eye (2-3, done over multiple sessions, $800 charged PER SESSION). Under eye filler MUST be approved by Tristah, NP prior to treatment,  recommend to combine with cheek filler). 

Depending on selected filler, location, and amount lasts up to 12 months

Filler by AREA

Effective 1/1/2023

$750-$800 per area

Some areas will be charged by AREA vs charged by volume, fee applies PER SESSION. Many factors went into this consideration including but not limited to the longevity of the filler, filler type, complexity of the area (risk level, basic vs advanced etc) and more.

In addition, some areas will require a 2 session minimum which will also be charged PER session. These areas include under eye and lip filler. If you will not commit to 2 sessions unfortunately these areas won’t be treated on you.

The following are charged PER AREA, per session (NOT based off syringe/ volume) include but not limited to:

  • Undereye filler
  • Chin
  • Chin shadowing
  • Marionette lines
  • Pyriform aperture
  • Medial cheek
  • lateral cheek
  • Smile Lines/ NLF
  • Fern Pattern Technique (per area & per session)
 See Tristah, NP during your consultation for more information. 

Memberships and Discounts

Looking for ways to save?

Renew’s Membership Program

Our membership program work for you on two levels: First, you experience great savings and second, but equally important, you will be invested in your skincare regimen. Regularly scheduled treatments keep your skin in top condition and help outsmart the aging process.

$149 per month which goes into your virtual wallet! When you come in you can use whatever dollars you have accumulated by that time as you wish. By being a member, you will save 10% across the board on any service and or product. This means on facials, injectables, lasers and more!

There is a 12-month commitment and a $99 set up fee. After the 12 month period, your membership will go month to month till canceled by you with a 30 day written notice. 

Contact the clinic for more details.

Frequently asked questions

NON-SURGICAL FACIAL RESTORATION using dermal fillers can enhance almost any area of the face by volumizing, lifting, and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and creases, eliminate hollows and a sunken in facial appearance.

Common areas of treatment are: cheeks, lips (volume enhancement and lip lines), nasolabial lines (smile lines), marionette lines (corners of mouth and below) jawline, and tear troughs (hollows under the eyes).

Renew Medical Aesthetics offers a variety of FDA-approved hyaluronic acid dermal fillers that help men and women restore their youthful appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a naturally occurring sugar chain molecule found in all skin and soft tissues throughout the body. It attracts and binds water in the skin, providing volume and hydration, but also cushioning and supporting collagen and elastin.

All make up will need to be removed prior to treatment, attend ‘fresh faced’ if possible. Contamination with makeup can cause infection.

Taking the following within 1 week of treatment may increase your risk of bruising – Alcohol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, St. John’s Wort, Fish oils, Gingko Biloba, Vitamins C and E.

Do cancel if you are at all unwell, even minor coughs and colds can increase your risk of post treatment complications.

Reschedule if you think you have or are developing a cold sore. Treatment around the mouth can trigger or spread cold sore infections. If you are prone to developing cold sores then it is important to inform me as I may to prescribe some prophylactic medication.

Dermal fillers are injected directly into the skin and provide immediate results. Some redness and swelling will be seen immediately after treatment.

It is best to allow 2-4 weeks before returning for follow up photos and before adding additional filler. 

Prior to treatment a topical numbing cream is placed on the skin. Not everyone does this extra step, but I feel it helps provide minimal discomfort with the treatment. Ice may also be helpful as a numbing of the skin prior to the tiny needle injection. All of the dermal fillers offered contain Lidocaine (local anesthetic) within them to provide pain relief during the treatment. These treatments are tolerated well. Some areas of treatment, such as the lips, are more sensitive than others.

If you are allergic to LIDOCAINE unfortunately you are unable to get dermal fillers.

There is no specific downtime associated with dermal fillers. However, there is always a risk for bruising and swelling so plan for treatment at least 2 weeks before any big events (party, wedding, vacations, etc.).

Refraining from smoking and taking anti-inflammatory drugs for at least two weeks before treatment will also reduce the risk of bruising.

The longevity of the results depends on the specific filler used and the area of treatment.

Different treatment areas last longer than others.

More specifics will be discussed during your personalized consultation.

Every client will be different and your personal goals can be discussed at your consultation.

However, specific areas will need more than others. In general, 1 syringe of filler is 1ml. As we age our face changes in multiple ways. Some changes include but not limited to resorption of facial bones, changes in subcutaneous tissues and resorption and or descent of facial fat pads. Our youthful faces include high cheek bones and a small chin but with midface volume loss as described above we are left with flattened cheeks leading to increase in nasolabial folds, marionette lines as well as jowls.

Other areas of are face are also affected by the changes of aging. Including but not limited to lips and the creation of lip lines, often referred to as “smokers’ lines”. Other factors can lead to some of the changes we see within our lips as well as around our mouths. These include lip atrophy, changes in dentition, soft tissue volume loss, as well as the resorption of the mandibular bone.

These changes to volume loss drive the need for facial fillers.

Most people are able to continue with normal activities. Some will have some redness, pin-prick marks, swelling (particularly following a lip treatment) which should settle within a few days. Cold packs may be advised to help alleviate swelling and arnica may be recommended to reduce bruising.

Bruising and swelling may be more apparent the next day and can take up 1 week or so to disappear. Exposure to heat and the sun can prolong or worsen these possible side effects. Tenderness should settle within 48 hours.

After treatment it is expected that you will see an improvement straight away although due to initial swelling, the product may feel hard or lumpy or asymmetrical immediately afterwards. The final results are best judged at a 2-week review appointment.

Make-up should not be worn for 6 hours and the skin should be kept clean, with normal cleansing. Do not use cleansing wipes which may irritate the skin.

Avoid sun bathing and extremes of heat for 14 days as this has been shown to increase and prolong swelling. Avoid extremes of heat or cold, vigorous exercise and massage (unless specifically asked to do so) on the day of treatment.

The best candidates for fillers are physically healthy and have realistic expectations about treatment outcome. This treatment is not for pregnant or lactating women. You should not have any dermal fillers within two weeks of any dental work, antibiotic use, or any skin infections. Clients with a history of any auto-immune disease should contract their primary/specialty physician prior to treatment, this could affect healing process and/or results.

If you are allergic to LIDOCAINE unfortunately you are unable to get dermal fillers.

A consultation will be able to better assess and plan your future treatments which are customized for you and your aesthetic goals.

Can I combine treatments?

 You can have the following treatments on the same day:

  • DermaSweep + Dysport
  • VI Peel + Dysport
  • VI Peel + Dysport + Lip filler
  • Filler + Dysport
  • Dermaplaning + facial
  • Dermaplaning + Microneedling
  • Dermaplaning + DermaSweep
  • Microneedling + PRP

You need to separate treatments by the following time frame:

  • VI Peel and Microneedling – 4 weeks
  • VI Peel and VI Peel – 4 weeks
  • Microneedling and Microneedling – 4 weeks
  • DermaSweep and DermaSweep – 10-14 days
  • DermaSweep and VI Peel – 2 weeks
  • DermaSweep and Microneedling – 2 weeks
  • VI Peel and Facial – 2 weeks
  • Microneedling and Facial – 2 weeks
  • DermaSweep and Facial – 1-2 weeks

Renew Medical Aesthetics accepts the following payment methods:

  • Most major credit cards
  • Cash
  • Renew e-gift cards
  • Care credit 

Payments for all services and products are due at the time of the treatment. For package treatments, payment for the entire package is due at the time of the first scheduled treatment. 

Check out this transformation! Cheek + Tear Trough (TT) Filler treatment! Photos is SAME DAY before and after treatment.

Consultations are required before service appointments. TT filler must be cleared with Tristah, NP prior to scheduling. 

See special pricing above for TT filler. 

Lip Filler Results

This beautiful young lady has trusted her face to me for several years!

The latest enhancement was working on her lips (again)!

Fillers are a building process!

Cheek Filler Worth the Cost?

This beautiful young lady wanted some cheek contour enhacement. With just 2 syringes of Restylane Lyft I was able to bring back some structure which created beautiful contoured cheeks.

Lip Filler using Restylane

I love the way Restylane fillers look and feel in the lips. It is one of my favorite areas to inject with fillers. 

They say its not the paint, but the person holding the paint brush! Set up your FREE consultation to discuss your filler needs.

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