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In simple terms: a minimum of 48 hour  notice is required to avoid a $50 fee. 

We do our best to schedule appointment times that are most convenient for you, and we remind you of your appointment 72 hours prior via email and/ or text then again 24 hours prior via email and/ or text as long as a valid cell phone and email address are provided. For minors, the parent(s) who signs consent assumes financial responsibilities for notifications and cancellation policy.

To best serve all of our clients, we charge a $50 fee for any appointment that is cancelled or missed without 48 hours of notice. If there is no card on file at the time, you are STILL responsible for the cancellation/ no show fee. For a valid cancellation be sure you have either an email or text verifying a canceled appointment AND a confirmed response back FROM Renew Medical Aesthetics, or ensure you have physically spoken to someone at Renew Medical Aesthetics, otherwise this will be treated as a no show or less than 48 hours required notice. Please do NOT reply to the appointment reminder notifications, these are not received by the business.

You may not be allowed to book future appointments without paying the cancellation/ no show fee.

All clients new and existing will be required to have a credit card on file to book future appointments. This is partly to ensure clients will be held accountable for cancellation and no show fees.

If a client has canceled two or more times without a 48 hour notice a minimum of $100 deposit will be required and charged immediately upon making their next appointment. This $100 fee is non refundable. The $100 fee will go towards a service however, if no service is rendered at their next schedule appointment, the money will be forfeited. This $100 deposit is separate from the no show/ cancellation fee. Canceled appointments with less than 48 hours notice or no showed appointments will still be subject to the $50.00 charge.


If a client no shows for an appointment, they will be charged the $50 fee and discharged and no longer able to book further appointments.

• This policy includes any free services you schedule with us (e.g. free consultation).

• This charge will be charged to the credit card you have on file.

• Please remember we have reserved that time specifically for you.

To avoid any charges, please call us to cancel or reschedule a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

LATE arrival

If you are 10 or more minute late to your appointment we reserve the right to cancel your appointment and consider this a no show appointment which is subject to the $50 cancellation/ no show fee. Each consultation and service appointment time has a designated amount of time to ensure adequate time for your benefit including the quality of your consultation or service. This policy is in place to ensure your service providers do not rush through an appointment. It also ensures next scheduled client is not delayed in their appointment time.

All clients new and existing will require a credit card on file to book future appointments.

If you currently do not have a credit card on file you will be asked at your next appointment.

This is partly to ensure compliance with the cancellation policy. 

Renew does not accept payment plans. See below all payment options available to you at Renew Medical Aesthetics:

The medical aesthetic services you seek imply an obligation on your part to ensure payment in full is made for services received. Our Client Financial Policies will assist you in understanding that financial responsibility. By your acknowledgement of this form, you agree:

• To be responsible for all payment obligations arising out of your treatment/care and guarantee payment for these services.
• To follow all registration procedures, which include updating/verifying personal information, and paying your patient responsibility amount at each visit. Our fee is expected to be paid in full at the time of service. 

Payment Policy

1. We accept payment by cash, debit cards, most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard etc.), and Renew Medical Aesthetics E-Gift cards. Payment by checks are on a case by case basis. If allowed to pay by check see #2

2. Payment by Credit Card/Credit Card on File. When you pay by credit card to be held on file, you agree to keep the credit card information current, and you authorize to securely store your credit card information, and only charge it should you have an outstanding balance or any leftover balance from a processed claim in the future. The storage system used is fully compliant to the highest level of credit card storage security regulations.

3. Care Credit 0% Financing. Renew Medical Aesthetics offers Care Credit with a 0% financing option, no interest if paid in full within the promotional period:
• For purchases up to $199.99 – 30 days of ZERO percent financing.
• For purchases between $200.00 – $999.99 – 6 months of ZERO percent financing.
• For transactions $1,000.00 and above – 12 months of ZERO percent financing.

(terms subject to change without notice)

Renew Medical Aesthetics accepts the following payment methods:

  • Most major credit cards
  • Cash
  • Renew e-gift cards
  • Care credit 

Payments for all services and products are due at the time of the treatment. For package treatments, payment for the entire package is due at the time of the first scheduled treatment. 

At this time consultations are essentially free however for virtual consultations there is a $25 fee to hold your appointment time. This fee will be credited to your initial service or product purchase as long as the appointment is not canceled, missed or rescheduled.  If you were to miss your appointment, cancel with less than 48 hour notice or reschedule you would lose that $25 fee and are subject to the $50 cancellation fee. 

Any in person appointments must enter their credit card information and are subject to the cancellation policy. 

In many states a “good faith exam” must be completed prior to any aesthetic services. In many states only a MD, NP or PA can complete these exams.

Many aesthetic services are by prescription therefore only a MD, NP or PA are able order and approve those particular services.

It is in your best interest to have a complete review with one of the above to determine what is appropriate and safe treatment options prior to moving forward with services. 

The own Tristah is a Nurse Practitioner and all new clients will meet with her prior to being able to book out additional services. 

For most services at Renew you are not able to get same day services, the exception is Dysport service. IF enough time is left in your consultation you may be able to receive that treatment. 

Consultations are typically 30 minutes long and therefore in most instances there is not enough time to complete other services. 

At Renew we do not book consults and treatment time at the same time for many reasons. Some include: since the good faith exam has not been completed there is no way to know if you truly are an appropriate candidate for the treatment you are interested in. Some clients need pre treatment (e.g. antiviral medication) prior to being able to carry out a service, in addition a client may not agree with consents or other clinic policies and therefore doesn’t move forward with the treatment which would result in that additional treatment time being open and unfilled. 


At this time Renew Medical Aesthetics is only accepting any minor patients/ clients for select procedures: Microneedling without PRP for clients 16 years or older and VI Peel,  VI peel Purify, DermaSweep and teen facials for 13 years old or older.

Parents must be in the clinic at the time of the appointment and are responsible for any paperwork. Parent(s) must remain in the building for the entire duration of the service. 

Are you ready for yourappointment at Renew?
1. Please register in the patient portal and fill out applicable paperwork. Important COVID pre-screening questions are included. If you answered yes to any of your questions please contact Renew.
2. Please arrive on time but NOT early. Extra time is allotted for appointments to avoid clients from being present in the clinic at the same time.
3. Please wear a mask to your appointment. If you are treating an area under the mask you can keep you mask on until that area is being treated.
4. Upon arrival your temperature will be checked and sanitizer will be provided. If you answered yes to any of your COVID questions and or are found to have a fever you will not be able to be seen.
I look forward to seeing each and every one of you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.